Keerthika Singaravel

My Interests

  • I Like Reading,
  • Mostly Romances,
  • Historicals,
  • Some Biographies And Business Related Books.I Like Live Music And Theatre. I Collect Stamps And Coins.I Like To Travel And Live Like The Natives.I Like Art.I Also Like Nature,
  • The More Dramatic The Better,

Keerthika Singaravel

From Mumbai       |       Birthday September 07
About Me I'm a 34 year singleton.I live in Mumbai.Business and investing are my chief obsessions.I have been blogging for 2 years now.

My Blog(s)

Wealthymatters If you are interested in wealth, making it,keeping it,growing it,enjoying it,spending it,passing it down the generations and giving it away,Wealthymatters is the blog for you.
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