My Interests

  • I Love Reading,
  • Mostly Fantasy-fiction,
  • Romance And Some Off-beat Stuff. I Usually Enjoy Checking Out What Comes Highly Recommended,
  • And I Try To Not Get Stuck In A Niche Where My Books Are Concerned.,

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Leah George

From Bangalore       |       Birthday August 09
About Me I'm a 27 year old content writer with a reputed NGO. I began my blog in June 2010, although I took a break from it for a few years. Now I'm revisiting blogging which was a great passion of mine and taking it forward with me on the next phases of my life.

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Your Faithful Correspondent This is not a haven for me to speak the truth of my life. On the contrary, it is a celebration of everything I think, feel and enjoy while I'm on this journey of constant self-discovery.
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