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  • I Was About To Begin A New Venture With Accenture,
  • When In July 2015 I Made The Decision And Commitment That I Make A Lifehacking Bloge Which Help To Easy And Solve All Problem Of Life In Hindi Langouge.,

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Brij Mohan Sharma

From Mathura       |       Birthday January 01
About Me My name is Brij mohan sharma and I am a Man who is Passionate about Life Haking Tricks. Formally educated as a engineer, I am now a Blogger by profession. I Completed my primary education with Sharwan Intercollege in 2014, and received my degree in Engineering from Gla University Mathura. prior to becoming a professional blogger, I worked with Convegys in India.

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Hack Every Thing In Hindi / The Life Get Simplify and Save Lot of Time.Learn Amazing and Interesting Life Tricks to Simplify Your Life.
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