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  • • He Is A Superstar Of Super Stars – Rajesh Khanna Super Star Rajesh Khanna Soared Skyward From His Solid Acting Foundation,
  • Something That No Actor In The Film Industry Can Do Now Or In Future. Super Star Rajesh Khanna Has Made His Mark With Innovation No Other Actor Has Ever Made. He Will Always Be The Best. His Challenges Can Be Stepping Stones Or Stumbling Blocks. He Is A Superstar For Ever And Ever. ,

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V. Manohar

From Bangalore       |       Birthday May 23
About Me I am great fan of Super Star Rajesh Khanna. Super Star Rajesh Khanna: Our profound gratitudes to the Immortal Lover of Indian Cinema. Through the Silver Screen, he revealed the glorious journey of our precious life before us. We learnt through his classic performance how to laugh, how to cry, how to love, and above all how to live gracefully, maintaining highly moral humanity.

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