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Fantasy Cricket: Digital Is The New Playground For Cricket Fans

Updated 4 Years Ago

Fantasy Cricket: Digital Is The New Playground For Cricket Fans
Fantasy Cricket has taken fan engagement in cricket to the next level, enabling fans to engage with their favorite players and teams more deeply, Fantasy Cricket is all the rage right now, Fantasy Cricket is a virtual form of the sport that allows cricket fans to form their own fantasy teams, by selecting 11 real players from the two competing teams scheduled to play a particular match and earn points or real cash based on the selected players’ performance in the actual match, currently the leading and one of the most trusted fantasy gaming platforms in the country, That cricket is the most followed sport in India, is known to one and all, cricket has a strong hold over the nation's collective imagination which is unmatched and incomparable, rather than being mere passive spectators or followers, the digital savvy, current generation of cricket fans are now eager to play a more participative role in the game they adore so much, Fantasy Cricket, Dream11, Dream11 has indeed revolutionized the virtual gaming scenario in India, Dream11, in essence, provides an Indian cricket buff all the fun and excitement of an actual cricket match on their smartphones or laptop,
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