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Happy Pakhala Dibasa (Pakhala Day)

Updated 5 Years Ago

Happy Pakhala Dibasa (Pakhala Day)
Since the last few years, Odias the world over have been celebrating "Pakhala Dibasa" or "Pakhala Day" on 20th of March, in honour of the humble dish that is unique to the state, There couldn't have been a more apt date for "Pakhala Dibasa" as co-incidentally, 20th of March is also celebrated as International Day of Happiness, Pakhala Dibasa, Pakhala Day, Pakhala Bhata, Pakhaala Bhaata, Pakhala Bhaat, For us Odias, come summer and we fall back on our choicest summer cooler - Pakhala Bhaata (or fermented watered rice) - to keep ourselves hydrated for long and thus safe from sun strokes and nausea, A bowl of Pakhala, beats the summer heat like no one else, Pakhala immense health benefits, one of the easiest and a sure shot way to keep our digestive system in order during the hot weather extremes, baghara alu bharta, baigana bharta, kalama saga, badi chura, kakudi, rohi macha bhaja, masala dia gota bhendi, chuin alu bhaja, sijha kancha kadali bara, kakharu phula bara, piaja, Pakhala Bhaata (or fermented watered rice), Lord Jagannath's Chappan Bhog, Pakhala is derived from the Pali word pakhaliba as well as Sanskrit word Prakshalana which means washed/to wash with water,
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