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Panchu Dola Melana At Balanga

Updated 5 Years Ago

Panchu Dola Melana At Balanga
Panchu Dola Melana At Balanga, Dola Jatra, Dola Utsav, a very popular social festival in Odisha and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and gaiety across the state, especially in the villages, Panchu Dola Melana (or the congregation of the various deities from the neighbouring villages, carried in beautifully decorated palanquins, at one place), showcases the state’s age-old traditions and vivid culture, The Dola Melana celebrations at Balanga, though not as grand and flamboyant as the one done at Harirajpur village on the Jatni-Pipli road, but nonetheless witnesses quite a huge footfall of devotees, It was really heartening to see that despite modernity slowly creeping into our lives, we haven't abandoned our age-old cultural traditions, at least not in the villages,
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