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Raja Parba - The Four Day Odia Festival That Celebrates Womanhood

Updated 4 Years Ago

Raja Parba - The Four Day Odia Festival That Celebrates Womanhood
Although this agrarian festival is celebrated to welcome the onset of monsoon but symbolically Raja commemorates womanhood, Thus while menstruation might be considered a taboo elsewhere, it is actually celebrated in Odisha, The festival derives its name from "Rajaswala" meaning a menstruating woman ("Raja" in sanskrit means blood), Legend has it that Mother Earth (wife of Lord Vishnu) menstruates during the three days of Raja Parba and so the farmers take a break from all agricultural activities so as to give rest to mother earth, Raja Mahotsav, Raja Parba - the Odia swing festival, Raja Sankranti falls on the first day of the month of Asadha and thus heralds the beginning of the agricultural season in Odisha, Raja festival, Raja festival in Odisha, Raja Mauja, Raja Parba, annual three day festival of Odisha, raja doli image, rajo sankranti images, raja doli, raja festival doli, rajadoli images, happy raja sankranti girl, happy pahili raja, raja festival doli, happy rajo sankranti, odia raja parba definition, barasa ke thare asichi raja, Odia parba pahili raja songs, Rajo doli girls, happy rajo sankranti, poda pitha, odia raja gift, raja parba photo, rajo festival photo, raja festival doli, raja odia parba, full hd raja doli pic, oriya festival rajo a girl who is having periods, raja photo, 3 names of raja sankranti, happy rajo poda pitha, raja pana, Rojo sankranti makeup for girls, raja mauja pic, Raja Odia festival, betel leaf raja, raja mouja 2017 photo, odia festive rajo pictures, Happy raja 2017 odish image, odisha festival raaja images, odia Raja parba photo, Swing rides on the Raja Doli are of course one of the major highlights of the festival, Pahili Raja, Saja baja, Bhu Daaha, Basumati snana, Vasumati snana, Bhu Devi or Mother earth, the grinding stone is first given a ritualistic bath, Barasa ke thare asichi Raja, farmers take a break from all agricultural activities, immerse themselves in merry making, Poda pitha, poda pithas (or the burnt cake), arisa pitha, mitha paana (sweet betel leaves), Girls enjoying a swing ride during Raja festival, Kaudi Khela - the game of cowrie shells played during Raja festival, Little girls enjoying a game of 'Puchi khela',
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