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She Is My Hero

Updated 3 Years Ago

She Is My Hero
My Mother Is My Hero, Women never cease to amaze me with their versatility, They all seem to be a superwoman each, by the effortless ease with which they juggle with responsibilities and deftly switch between their multiple roles -- from one moment to the next, a doting daughter, a loving mother, a caring wife, an empathetic friend, a protective sister, an ambitious career woman, a patient house manager... and often, all at the same time, And yet they seldom compromise on any one of those roles, nor do they ever complain, But more than their versatility, I am in awe of their steely resolve, They are such fierce fighters and challengers, I have (almost always) found a 'never-give-up' attitude in most of the women whom I have come across in my life, she overcame her challenges and obstacles that she encountered, through sheer will, She was dejected, yes, but she took it in her stride, she didn't let that setback to stop her from dreaming again,
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