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The Cords Between a Brother and a Sister - A Sweet-Tangy Bond Like No Other

Updated 3 Years Ago

The Cords Between A Brother And A Sister - A Sweet-Tangy Bond Like No Other
The sweet and tangy bond between a brother and sister, Happy Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi wishes, Happy Rakhi, there is more to the ties between brothers and sisters than the one day ceremony of Rakhi, brother-sister relationship is often a roiling mix of love and hate, wrists filled with rakhis, act like bitter rivals pulling each other's hair, at other times, they become each other's protective companions, standing up to a bully and watching out for each other to keep them from getting hurt, bickering over a particular dining chair or the front seat of the car, fight like Tom and Jerry, remain inseparably connected and can't live without each other, sister, brother, a sister's presence is a necessity in every family, unforgettable memories for life, Rakhi gifts,
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