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Why Settle For Mediocrity?

Updated 3 Years Ago

Why Settle For Mediocrity?
Abraham Lincoln had once remarked that an individual cannot help being born average, but no one has to stay that way, mediocrity is the new normal nowadays, Be it books, movies, music, television, business, public administration and governance or politics, mediocrity rules, Of course, mediocrity isn't such a bad thing; there’s nothing wrong in being average, Vijay Raaz's and Manu Rishi's earnest cinematic offering, 'Kya Dilli Kya Lahore', eart-touching story about the bitter-sweet encounter between a Pakistani soldier and an Indian army cook - the only two who survived on either side, after an altercation at the border, Isn't it a tragedy that while pretty mediocre movies are hailed as blockbusters, whereas small-budgeted but genuinely good, content-driven movies struggle to gain recognition and often garner only moderate response?, Mediocrity continues in so many other domains too and I can go on and on with several such examples, Be The Best Of Whatever You Are, Douglas Malloch
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