My Interests

  • Yoga: I Practice Not Just Asanas,
  • But More Unfamiliar Aspects Of Yoga Including Sadhana,
  • Mantra Jnana,
  • Etc. Fitness: A National Swimmer And Athlete,
  • I Have Trained Like Phogat Sisters In Dangal Movie. Adaptive And Dynamic In My Training,

Pallavi Mehta

From New Delhi       |       Birthday October 03
About Me A former economics and financial researcher, now surfing the tides of time after leaving the corporate life. I am a certified Angel Card and Therapy practitioner, Yoga sadhak and crystal healer. I study and implementation of divination tools and esoteric knowledge. With a voracious appetite to learn, I wish to share and advance my knowledge with everyone. Follow me, because I love feedbacks! Know me, because I am full of surprises!

My Blog(s)

So She Said By Pallavi My blog is a chronicle of my secret life as a spiritual being. Here I talk about ways for living an enriching life by connecting to your spiritual self through easy esoteric and practical techniques.
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