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Nothing New - PoohsDen

Updated 2 Years Ago

Nothing New - PoohsDen
You get nothing new. In case you are here by accident and decided to read my rants there is nothing new here. Continuing on the theme of last week – purpose of life and struggling to figure out what I actually wanted. I think I am struck somewhere between here and there. Strangely, it is a comfortable place to be struck in. I enjoy it here. I have tried to wiggle my hips and waist. My own version of a belly dance in an awkward superhero stance with no cape to complete the picture. I am bruised and battered. I hurt all over and I refuse to think any further. I am no closer to the truth and in fact I have reached the stage where I wonder if I convinced myself that there is no answer somewhere. Maybe I am being stubborn and pessimistic. Or maybe I am scared to be brave enough to step out of my comfort zone. But possibly, this is where I want to stay. A place where comfort and small joys matter way more than figuring out purpose. Is it too much or too little? Am I giving up too early? Will I come […]
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