Pratik Ravani

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  • Long List Ranges From (But Not Limited To)... Playing Tennis,
  • Table Tennis And Cricket To Taking A Lot Of Fresh Oxygen In Nature-protected Area To Going On A Long Drive On A Pothole-free Roads To Listening To Classy Debates Of Articulate Speakers To Dancing On Exciting Numbers To Shopping Unthinkably To Respect My Impulses Especially For My Apparels! To Spending Lot Of Time With Family And Laughing Out Loud With Close Buddies To Converting MS Excel To An Automated Tool. :-) ,

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Pratik Ravani

From Bangalore       |       Birthday August 29
About Me I am on my pleasant journey. Freedom is my vehicle. Curiosity is my propellent. Breezy Air is my coolant. Passion is my engine. Blissfulness is my highway. Staying happy is my motto. Spreading happiness is my duty. Imagination is my artistry as dreaming is God's gift, observation is my speciality and distillation is my strength. The world sees me as an Engineer turned MBA now works as a professional for an MNC. I am an Analyst by profession and Artist by nature.

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Intrepid Expressions To shape to my thoughts and opinions about whatever catches my attention and interest. To start with I kicked off with movie-reviews and now planning to pull other areas as well.
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