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  • Reading & Writing: Here's The Books That Didn't Make Me Pull My Hair Out: To Kill A Mockingbird {Harper Lee},
  • Five Past Midnight In Bhopal {Dominique Lapierre},
  • Painted House {Grisham},
  • Wuthering Heights {Emily Bronte},
  • And Catcher In The Rye (J.D. Salinger),

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Gaurav Bist

From New Delhi       |       Birthday June 03
About Me I love hypocrites - They inspire me to violence - but the Gandhi in me kills the violence - but the Che & Bhagat in me gets up to punch the hypocrite - but the greatest punches I've landed are through Ink - Words are a sharp sword - but I can never kill a hypocrite - s/he's already deep dead

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God Was Murdered This blog is all about love, life, fun, relationships & all the adventures that life packs for us.
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