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  • Updated 4 Years Ago

Besan Aloo Mirchi ki Sabzi | Potato Capsicum Curry - The Big Sweet Tooth

Updated 5 Years Ago

Besan Aloo Mirchi Ki Sabzi | Potato Capsicum Curry - The Big Sweet Tooth
          I wish I didn’t have to crib. Everyday I have a tough time trying to decide what to cook for dinner. I seem to find that it is getting tougher as the girls grow up. When I started blogging, they were small so they would eat anything that was given to them. But now, they frown and scorn for anything that I make, except pizzas. 😕 Being a mother, this is totally frustrating. With a totally tight schedule these days, I look forward to cooking meals that get done in 30 minutes. Rasha loathes eggs and any dal curry, while Azza is indifferent towards chicken and meat – I wonder if there are kids like that these days! Vegetables are an even big no-no, except for a cucumber daily. My girls don’t even like whole lentils or potatoes. Sometimes, I feel so lost… but then I pull out... Read More »
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