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Chocolate Biscuit Balls - The Big Sweet Tooth

Updated 5 Years Ago

Chocolate Biscuit Balls - The Big Sweet Tooth
   8    8Shares   After making the Pancakes and the Pizza Bites for the Blogging Marathon #98 theme “Kid’s Delight – Bites”, I was totally blank. It isn’t that my mind wasn’t without any ideas but somehow the ideas weren’t being converted into actions. It was really frustrating me to the core. That is when I was reminded of the pack of arrowroot biscuits umma had left and gone for the girls to eat. I had left it in the cupboard since it has all powdered up and eating it without messing up the house is out of question. So there were born these no-cook, super easy Chocolate Biscuit Balls.   Sometimes I really wonder why I need to concentrate on posting such easy to make recipes, especially those that are no-cook. We are always looking at ideas which won’t take much time or effort on our part, but will still ensure... Read More »
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