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Crispy Dosa | Dosa using Poha/ Aval - The Big Sweet Tooth

Updated 5 Years Ago

Crispy Dosa | Dosa Using Poha/ Aval - The Big Sweet Tooth
   1    1Share   I always use my idli batter to make my dosas. I make idlis the first day, and then after two days, I add little water to make it slightly thinner, and get the dosas rolling. Everybody does that, isn’t it? It was by accident that I discovered that poha or aval or flattened rice flakes makes a very good replacement when you run out of urad dal.   Poha is something that is always available in our home, as it makes a super quick snack or breakfast, either in this way or this. So using it in dosa batter was something I really wanted to try. My girls totally loved how crisp these dosas stayed, even after cooling down. I have a pretty warm kitchen, so my batter ferments well. But getting crisp dosas has been a challenge for me, but not after trying this recipe.   The... Read More »
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