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Event Announcement - Kid's Delight | Snacks/ Bites - The Big Sweet Tooth

Updated 4 Years Ago

Event Announcement - Kid
        We are soon approaching school closure. As far as I am concerned, most of the Indian schools in the UAE are already closed for three weeks, before the new academic year starts during the first week of April. Actually, the year starting is always a cause of confusion back home. When we visit in July, we get asked whether we are skipping school, when we have already completed one whole term. 😀   Anyway, with the schools back home gearing up for two months of summer vacations, it is time to keep the tummies of the little ones happy and the mommies satisfied. Isn’t it always a hassle? The kids are forever hungry, especially when they are at home. Meals aren’t sufficient, so it means you either have something to snack on handy with you all the time. So this month, for Valli’s Kid’s Delight event, I am pleased to... Read More »
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