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A personal blog that I started with no direction whatsoever.

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Wake Up, Quazzle
A New Year is upon us! And Quazzle has been abandoned for nearly two years now. I now have finished blogging continuously for three years......
8 Years Ago
What Do I Do With You, Quazzle?
So although I have a fairly regular blog now at another domain, I still feel the need to do something useful with this one. I still remem......
10 Years Ago
Blog, Blog, Bloggity Blog
Wow, I haven't been here for a long time! This happens quite often. I start a blog with great enthusiasm, and then lose all heart and aba......
13 Years Ago
Okay, You Have an iPhone. So what?
I'm tired of people showing off their iPhones as a status symbol.  I'm not jealous. I'm just annoyed. I wouldn't be annoyed if the......
14 Years Ago
Woozle Wuzzle
In case you are not familiar with the phrase " Woozle Wuzzle ", it was uttered by Bart Simpson in the 1994 Simpsons  episode titled, " Bart......
14 Years Ago