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crushed sandalwood
 The leaf that fell through time on to the  salty tears smelled like rose and tasted like lime the embers of soaring dreams that fell on the......
9 Months Ago
Happy birthday my love..
Time just flew by leaving me wide eyed its like you were born just yesterday so tiny, so beautiful and today we celebrate your 21st birthday......
10 Months Ago
Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2023
I almost gave up the idea to post this customoray New Year wish, because the bologsphere is almost barren now. I am talking of the blogosphe......
11 Months Ago
can i ask you to not go that way?
This ocean that I see inside you once it submerged my heart too That sand under your feet  which feels warm and looks neat in a split second......
1 Year Ago
But nothing comes to rescue..
When I look around nothing is there   only the urge to write just to feel light also the need to breathe long, shaky breaths though i just c......
1 Year Ago
I mixed it up all
  I mixed it up all colours orange, red , green, blue, them all thought of creating a beautiful  rainbow but all i came up with was a messy ......
1 Year Ago