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  • Reading... Anything Worth Getting My Attention And Maintaining It For Atleast Half An Hour,
  • I'll Read. Fiction,
  • Non Fiction,
  • Travelogues,
  • Historical Fiction,

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Dr. S.K. Sharma

From Mathura       |       Birthday April 20
About Me I am a dreamer, romantic, a Don Quixote and, an incurable idealist. I know it's crazy but I just want to be like that rather than a contrived pragmatist. I want to live life to the fullest but, the only thing which I'm doing right now is work , work and a lot of work.

My Blog(s)

Life Without You I started this blog to appease my alter ego which recently was plunged in an emotional tumult for some unknown reasons.
Last Updated on: 10 Years Ago
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Light Poetry Poems I write when I miss you.
Last Updated on: 9 Years Ago
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