Ruddra dev Roychoudhury

My Interests

  • I Like To Think,
  • About The Most Ordinary Things- The Sun,
  • A Glass Of Water Or Something That Somebody Said To Me. I Like To Write. It Makes Me Understand Better. It Helps Me Put Together The Fragments Of Thoughts Into Something Meaningful. I Like To Play Games,
  • It Is More Involving To 'be' In A Story That To Read It Or See It. There Are Lots I Love To Do,
  • But What Makes Me Happy Is What Makes Me Happy. There Is No Substitute To That.,

Ruddra Dev Roychoudhury

From Dhanbad       |       Birthday March 07
About Me I am what I want to be. Never the same and never too different. Only motto in life is to simplify what I see, make it more elegant and visible. There are lots of opinons, none of them are absolute. I can only show one because showing more might make me a hypocrite. Visit:

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Footprints On Ink I wanted to write something about myself, about my trains of thought about how I dealt with situations. So, here it is.
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