My Interests

  • Worshiping God Spiritually And Trying My Very Best To Follow The Right Path.Reading Anything From Magazines To Comics To Fiction To Biographies To Blogs…Biking,
  • Writing,
  • Travelling… All Types Of Music…Baking And Attempting To Cook …Making Things Or At Least Plan To Make Things Crafts And Whatnot…. Chatting On The Phone ,
  • Messenger…and Yes Also In Person Orkutting,
  • Face-booking,

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Shalini Priyadarshi

From Chennai       |       Birthday November 04
About Me Name: Shalini Priyadarshi Cities I have stayed:Patna,Hyderabad,New Delhi,Noida,Bangalore,Pune,Chennai Country:India Gender: Female Occupation: Software Engineer

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Shalu's Blog I have realized I love giving words to anything and everything , write down random thoughts even if it is a lame 2 line thought ...This is my very own space to realize this....
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