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Shekhar Sagar Srivastava

From New Delhi       |       Birthday July 19
About Me The Life is not only a new world of expression for me, but a new way of thinking, Every day for me is a new experience; a new story; another opportunity,that make life special, I don’t debate religion, I Love making new friends, and I am also a great Tech Freak, I Don't Care about My Failures, as "Failures is the 1st Step Toward Success, & No One Fails Until He Stops Trying". If you’d like to celebrate along with me, I’d sure love the company

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Tipotrick World In Pocket TipoTrick is an Amazing Tip, Tricks, How To Do Portal That Covers Topics Like Technolgy, Hobbies, Travel, Games Sports, Health, Education, Food, Style, etc..
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