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  • Dancing Is My Passion. I Am A Decent Singer Too,
  • I Cant Live Without Movies. Writing Is My New Found Interest So Here I Am To Keep The Flame Burning.,

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Jai Shruti

From Chennai       |       Birthday January 31
About Me I am a mixed bag. I can SIMPLIFY the complicated & COMPLICATE the simple. Some call me a COOL CAT, Some? A HOT (headed) DOG! Sometimes I can be really QUIET that you forget I exist, sometimes really LOUD that you disown me. I can LAZE around or BREEZE away. Sometimes I greet you with a HI, sometimes it`s a BYE, I can pull your LEG but at times it could be your HAIR! Well that in a nutshell is who I am. I might seem like uncertainty personified but people who know me say it’s just ingenuity

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The Fluid Thinker Thought provoking, awareness, fiction, poetry, from the heart
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