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From Gurgaon       |       Birthday March 01
About Me Careless. Confused. Forgetful. Hyper sensitive. Short tempered. Judgmental. Easily hurt. Easily pampered. Impatient. Huge ego. Laugh too much. Love Shahrukh. Love Will smith even more. Easily bored. Very boring. Talkative. Shy. Irritable. Very moody. Physically very lazy n mentally very restless. Attention span ranges from 10 secs to 35(max). Annoyingly secretive. Don't trust easily. Love Pizza. Absolutely hate my hair. Can't remember anything else..

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Pebbles On The Seashore.. A very subjective view on very objective things.. Maybe,I'm being honest.. Maybe, I'm trying to confuse you.. Maybe... I'm just being-- Myself..!
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