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Sreeja Mohandas

From Thrissur       |       Birthday January 25
About Me Hmm.. 20+, single, funny, fat, female, Pampered daughter, well-cared sister, close-to-heart best friend, funny and silly friend, jolly neighbor, social networking junkie, dog admirer, cat hater, shopaholic, cricket crazy, mad hoydon, accessory lover, harry potter nerd, terrible student, teacher's pet, bookworm, emotional freak, fatso, foodie, incessant talker, music maniac, sleepy, lazy arse, dreamer, gyan guru, TV n Movies addict, good girl, bitch...

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Random Ponderings Of A Smalltown Girl Random Ponderings Of A Smalltown Girl is a personal blog which records my thoughts and memories and me. it is funny, emo, angsty, girly and happy at times. I hope you can enjoy.
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