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Back after 5 years
 5 years! For the past five years I had almost forgotten this blog... A pang of guilt rises, not for  I did not write, for  I had not rememb......
3 Years Ago
Educated idiots
Nothing could be as perfect as today. A cool breeze in the morning, a cup of hot filter coffee with no burnt smell of coffee powder yet giv......
8 Years Ago
Feigning friendship, Forgiving people
Recently I was in discussions on human relations. There was no restriction on topic. But, there has to be some guidances and they should be......
9 Years Ago
Amazon support for Indic language e-books - What is the fuss?
Discussions on Amazon's support to  Indic languages' ebooks   requires some clarity from my side. The points discussed mainly are  Hardw......
9 Years Ago
Allergies of Amazon - Tamil e -Books?
When I decided to submit my book 7.83 ஹெர்ட்ஸ் ; 7.83 Hertz in Tamil, to Amazon, least had I expected that it would be rejected for the la......
9 Years Ago
Who is Anna Hazare & What is Lokpal?
On 04/07/11 9:45 PM, Bhavin Dattani wrote: -------------------- Anna Hazare has given an ultimatum to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh......
12 Years Ago