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Aam Panna | Minty Mango Drink| How to Make Aam Panna | Raw Mango drink | Spicy Veg Recipes

Updated 2 Years Ago

Aam Panna | Minty Mango Drink|  How To Make Aam Panna | Raw Mango Drink | Spicy Veg Recipes
Aam Panna: Aam Panna is a tasty and refreshing perfect summer drink. This minty mango drink not only quenches your thirst but it is a great remedy for heat stroke and its also considered beneficial for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. This tangy, refreshing summer drink aam ka Panna can be prepared with few spices and green mango puree any time at home and served with ice cubes and fresh mint leaves. more recipes from this blog you might like please do check: Apple- pomegranate smoothie chocolate banana smoothie mango melon smoothie mango banana smoothie Beet Pineapple Juice Beetroot Buttermilk Mango pineapple juice Pear Pomegranate Smoothie Aam Panna | Minty Mango Drink| How to Make Aam Panna | Raw Mango drink5 from1reviews Main ingredients: green raw mango and mint leaves 500- gram raw green mangoes1 teaspoon Roasted cumin powder2 teaspoon Black salt adjust to taste½ cup Sugar or adjust to taste20 mint leaves1 teaspoon crushed black pepper (optional)salt
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