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Raw Mango Sweet Pickle | Mango Chunda| shredded mango pickle|Gujarati Raw Mango Sweet Pickle recipe | Spicy Veg Recipes

Updated 2 Years Ago

Raw Mango Sweet Pickle | Mango Chunda| Shredded Mango Pickle|Gujarati Raw Mango Sweet Pickle Recipe | Spicy Veg Recipes
Raw Mango Sweet Pickle: Raw Mango Sweet Pickle or chunda is definitely delicious pickle from Gujrat. This pickle takes time and effort to make it traditionally because the pickle is kept out in the sunlight till the pickle reaches a clear syrupy consistency and the mango shreds are translucent. Each day given a good stir, covered and placed in a sunny place, then brought indoors at sunset. The secret of making a perfect chunda is the one string consistency which is very important. Nowadays most of us don't have enough time, so today I am going to share a quick and less time-consuming version of the traditional recipe that tastes superb and is easy to prepare. more recipes from this blog you might like please do check: vermicelli kheer poha kheer green pea kheer carrot kheer khoya kheer boondi ki Kheer Raw Mango Sweet Pickle Main Ingredients: Raw mango and sugarLevel of cooking: medium 2 cups raw mangoes (peeled and grated)1.5 cups sugar1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder1
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