Anukriti Sharma

My Interests

  • Sky-gazing,
  • Capturing Ideas,
  • Day-Dreaming,
  • Dancing In The Rain,
  • Observing People And Places,

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Anukriti Sharma

From Mumbai       |       Birthday December 06
About Me Hi! I am Anukriti Sharma from Delhi. I am persuing my masters in English Literature from Miranda House, Delhi University. In my own words: A disillusioned illusion,a blinding light,an open wound,a voiceless echo,a grotesque perfection,an abhorred dream,masochistically a narcissist,a life in search of death.Anukriti is an allegorical,oxymoronic shadow!

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My Memoirs Of Mesmerizing Memories An amalgamation of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, aspirations, dreams, desires, secrets and life brought out through words written and composed by me juxtaposed with photographs that I have clicked.
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