Who Pollutes Kadambrayar? Kitex Or Brahmapuram Waste Land?
Peoples' Opinions, Views, Reviews And Complaints On Issues, Politics, Corruption, Elections, Education, Entertainment, Polls, Products, Society Etc...
Posted: 2 Months Ago
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Book Review: My Comeback Trail By Sqn Leader Manish Kumar
Hello Bookdragons! How Have You All Been Doing? I Am Currently In Chennai And It Feels So Good To Step Out Of Your House After 2 Years! Before I Started My Journey, I Finished Reading Manish Kumar&…...
Posted: 3 Months Ago
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Fairy Tale Blues
Book Reviews India, Author Interviews, Mansi Ladha, India Blog, Poems, Fiction, Short Stories, Best Blog India, Book Review Blog, Indore, Bangalore....
Posted: 6 Months Ago
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Sometimes Reflections Come To Me In Silly Rhymes
May I Always Think Of Work And Love As Inseparable Synonyms May I Find Ways To Color The World With My Unique Fingerprints May The Contents ......
Posted: 9 Months Ago
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"kohl" Haiku 48 Of 365 - 3rd August 2022
Dying Embers... The Kohl Beneath His Eyes Unsmudged...
Posted: 10 Months Ago
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So, I Was A Runner-up At The 9th Annual Kcrw #radiorace...
An Independent Audio Piece I Made For KCRW's 9th Annual 24-hour Radio Race Was Chosen As Runner-up Among More Than A Hundred Submissions From Across The World....
Posted: 11 Months Ago
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