My Interests

  • Dancing... Traveling.. Shoes... Food,
  • Almost All Cuisines... Animated Conversations... Writing And Music.,

Tanu Anand

From Bangalore       |       Birthday May 17
About Me I like to consider myself Zesty-Spirited-Painfully Positive-Free-Uninhibited. I will always see the Glass-Half-full and I am easily the ear/shoulder for my friends. You will mostly catch me talking animatedly to a bunch of friends and dancing to myself at the same time. I am passionate about food - one of the reasons i cant be size zero. I am a huge Bollywood Buff and Dancing makes my world go round. I love my Coffee and I dream of backpacking around the world and this is my Life Queen-size!

My Blog(s)

Ramblings Of A Feisty Spirit Appreciate the good life and its positivity. Talk about my personal experiences, dreams, aspirations, wants & Likes. Travel tales. Food Rendezvous. Constant appreciation for the people in my life.
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