My Interests

  • I Have Keen Interest In Photography,
  • I Specially Love The Non Human As My Subject,
  • They May Be Some Animals,
  • Bird,
  • Fish Or Just A Landscape. Mathematics Is My Profession And My Passion As Well. I Love To Travel Through Unknown Or Lesser Known Destinations,

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Avik De

From Kolkata       |       Birthday February 17
About Me Myself, a mathematician from Kolkata, India. I have a keen interest in photography, mainly in non-human subjects. Animals, birds, fishes were happened to be my special friends from childhood. I am a passionate nature lover, love to travel through unknown mountain forests as well as in the national parks in India. Underwater plantation being one of my hobbies from past couple of years.

My Blog(s)

Aquatic World This blog is all about the fascinating aquatic world. I am quite some time in the fishkeeping and underwater plantation hobby, and here I am describing some facts and fundamentals about the aquariums.
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