Vinay Prajapati

My Interests

  • I Love Technology And Computing. I Am Addicted To It. Listening To Music Is My Passion Language Is Not Restriction Music Should Be Good,
  • For Music Means Lyrics/words And Music Both. Painting And Kite Flying Are My Favourite Past Time,
  • But I Don't Have Time For It.,

Vinay Prajapati

From Lucknow       |       Birthday April 20
About Me Hi, I am tech-savvy by habit so you can find me helping people on my blog When I need some space from this world I love to sit all alone and pen what my heart says to me. It's very easy to find me in my work and poetry. I am servicing Hindi blogging Since 2007 with tech articles to help Hindi bloggers. I hope you all will find my work useful to you. :)

My Blog(s)

Anand Bakshi A blog devoted to legend lyricist Anand Bakshi.
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Takhleeq-e-Nazar Origin of Poetry by Vinay Prajapati
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