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  • Writing,
  • Reading,
  • Playing Guitar,
  • Dancing,
  • Drama,

VJ Eshwar

From Chennai       |       Birthday October 25
About Me I am this guy who dreams of becoming a lot of things and also managed to become a few things... A Programmer, A Writer, A Dancer, An Actor In all this, i try to find who i really am. A human being beneath these colorful masks or a faceless person with a knack for different perspectives in life.

My Blog(s)

Funny World A blog where there is no limits to words but definitely limited by your imagination. be creative and have fun commenting
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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Destination-Nil Destination - Nil is for everyone who is on the move or getting ready to move or people who don't know whether they are moving or not
Last Updated on: 7 Years Ago
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