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Zero Factor

From Hyderabad       |       Birthday November 27
About Me I am the unexpected.I never believe any Omen and I say truth.I use the mirror to see myself.I use the tooth brush everyday to brush my teeth.And I use the deodrant to get some fragrance.I am also one like you,one among you.'Fuzziness' makes me complete.'Perplexity' is my middle name.I try to see my innerself in the mirror.I wish my mouth has no dirt and does no bad on anyday as I clean it with a toothbrush.And still I use the deodrant for fragrance only!!!

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I Know Zero This blog is straight from my mind.These are most of my soliloquy results.Just gives you a good read,i hope... if it is not comment on my blog so that I could know.... LoL... Cheers
Last Updated on: 11 Years Ago
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Neo Tracks This blog provides information about many things from the bottom level coding tricks to the new softwares with information on tips and tricks for softwares and blogs.
Last Updated on: 10 Years Ago
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