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Chaos Under Down

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Overview of the book

Nakul Kapoor is back and he never left Bytesphere. The management at his company had just forgotten that he existed. However, things change for him when his HR unit called him after reading his profile on a recruitment website. They asked if he could come in for an interview. His own company, Bytesphere, read his profile and called him for an interview! Imagine what a laugh it would have been for Nakul and everybody else. His company now wants him to resurrect a relation with an Australian client. They tell him that growth is all about embracing challenges. The truth is that no one else is willing to do this. Will Nakul and his team of amateurs be able to achieve this? Also, will Nakul teach the nasty Sameer a lesson for trying to mess with his love life? Read this book to see if Nakul will succeed.

About the Author

Nishant Kaushik is an Indian writer and the author of this book. Another book written by him is Romance With Chaos. He works as a consultant with IBM.

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