Happy Independence Day
Dharti Sunahari Ambar Neela, Har Nausam Rangeela Aisa Des Hai Mera Bole Papeeha Koyal Gaye Savan Ghir Ke Aaye Aisa Des Hai Mera. -Javed Akhtar Happy Independence Day To Everyone. Live Nd Let Live....
Posted: 6 Days Ago
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Poker Face: The Inspiration Behind The Short Story By Preeti Shenoy
Hello There, Time Flies. It's Been A While Since I Have Written Here. My Last Posts Were In May, When I Did The Blog Marathon, Where Th......
Posted: 13 Days Ago
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Soaked In Love
~ Cool Blowing Air, Through Your Wavy Hair, Dangling Curls, Kissing Your Cheeks, Blushing Red,  they’ve Turned, Smiles Reach The Eyes, The Touch Of Your Hand, Calms Me Down, Kiddie Love, Keep…...
Posted: 18 Days Ago
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11 Benefits Of Lemongrass Including Weight Loss, Stress Release And More
11 Benefits Of Lemongrass Including Weight Loss, Stress Release, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Cures Flu And Cold, Pain Killer, Improves Digestion, Treats Fever, Normalises Blood Pressure, Cleanses Organs And More....
Posted: 19 Days Ago
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SNOW Being Born In A Hot Semi Tropical Country In The Humid Plains Of Bengal, I Was Always Fascinated By The Idea Of Snow.  Seeing Pictures Of Snowfall, Snowmen And Snowball Fights In Books, Making…...
Posted: 27 Days Ago
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Defense Mechanisms
I Was 6 Years Old When I Suddenly Developed This Habit Of Cracking Silly Jokes To Make My Classmates Laugh. I Loved To See Them Laugh, It W......
Posted: 1 Month Ago
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