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  • Reading Books,
  • Watching Movies,
  • Listening Old Hindi Songs,


From Chandigarh       |       Birthday March 23
About Me If being successful means getting good education and a respectable job, I can be termed as successful. but despite having these things, I feel an emptiness in my heart which I try to fulfill through writing. I agree that I am not a great writer who can win an award, but when people like "my imperfect writings" it is the greatest reward for me.

My Blog(s)

Khatte Mithe Pal Jeewan Ke Mainly written about the incidences in day to day life which make me smile, I want to share this smile with others through this blog
Last Updated on: 1 Year Ago
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Kuchh Anubhav Kuchh Kalpana This blog is an endeavour to express myself through words or pictures. Some of the writings are through own experiences, some might be fiction also.
Last Updated on: 8 Years Ago
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