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My blog dedicated to celebs who have undergone some kind of
plastic or cosmetic surgery. You can find their bio and
after surgery Pictures how they look afterwards.

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15 After before picture of Christie Brinkley A result of plastic surgery

Updated 5 Years Ago

15 After Before Picture Of Christie Brinkley A Result Of Plastic Surgery
Before we start we would like to give a small intro of christie Brinkley, though she really do not need any introduction. She a very famous actress, model and businesswoman, she get her world wide recognition in 1970, after she dominate sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar for three continue issues. She have been a cover brand of over 500 magazine, and also signed top most brands from fashion and non fashion industries. She worked as actress, photographer, writer, designer, activist for human and animals right and the environment. She has in married four times, and most talked marriage she had was
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