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Shital Pradhan

From Gangtok       |       Birthday July 18
About Me When i started my blog on Sikkim, i had it clear on my mind that this blog shall help people look out for knowledge on Sikkim. I always wanted a knowledge house only about Sikkim, its past, present and future. I do not know over the years how much did i succeed but my determination to let other understand my Sikkim is always giving me a push.

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Proud To Be A Sikkimese A frequently updated blog focuses on news and history of the Sikkim state. Sikkim is a small Himalayan state between Nepal, Tibet (China) and Bhutan.
Last Updated on: 4 Years Ago
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SRISYOG DIGITAL ARCHIVES Blogs on Sikkim, travel, sports, etc
Last Updated on: 3 Years Ago
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