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  • Animals Places Photography Sketching Outdoor Sports Love Reading N When I Say Reading I Mean The Crazy All Out Buried Under The Books Reading ...teaching's Been A Passion For Sometime Nw...n Now A Career Writing's Another..travellin Around India..and Eventually The Lifelong Dream.maybe When I Am A Millionare..n Did I Say People?:)human Beings Absolutely Fascinate With Their Twists N Turns The Joys N Sorrows ,

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From Delhi       |       Birthday August 02
About Me Want to write something witty, something so funny it cracks you up and describes me in the same breath...:) Not possible is it? So I'll just let it be and let the words paint a picture....whether its a childish painting of a kindergarten kid or simply an earnest attempt at painting my own gauche little painting..:)...................... '' I have left the girl I was supposed to be and someday I'll be born........ ''

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Consider It Crashed ''I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.'' James Michener That is me.
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