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  • I Watch World Cinema Or Travels Across It. I Talk To My Plants And Sometimes People As Well. But More Often Than Not … You Will Find Me Curled Up In My Favorite Corner Reading A Book While Sipping Strong Coffee. I Am As Passionate About Travel And My Art. So I Figured That The Best Way To Combine My Two Passions Would Be Through A Self-illustrated Travelogue Of My Cozy And Enchanting Sojourns.,

Seema Misra

From Bangalore       |       Birthday October 30
About Me Seema Misra likes to call herself Lonely Canopy. Standing tall, reflecting on its shadow, fearless in the crowd, and raring to grow further. A former communications industry professional, she works in watercolour illustrations, travel writing, content creation, copywriting, and social media marketing through her blog Lonely Canopy. Coffee keeps her going, live sketching is her idea of socialising, and books make her feel at home. Travel for her exists as an idea in non linear time. Places from past become memories of the future. And, stories blend with characters and find life in a two dimensional frame.

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Lonely Canopy Immersive Travel, Travel Sketches and Journaling, Illustration, Watercolor Artist
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