Monishikha RoyChoudhury

My Interests

  • I Love Reading,
  • Anything That Doesn't Require Me To Use My Brain,
  • Yet Engages My Heart. I Also Dabble In Some Form Of Art From Time To Time,
  • And My Current Passion Is Watercolour Painting,

Monishikha RoyChoudhury

From Jodhpur       |       Birthday March 16
About Me I'm a not so new mom,a book lover, who flirts with painting and sketching( and sometimes with her husband too), loves a good joke, and blogs when inspiration strikes and the maid doesn't.

My Blog(s)

Bits And Pieces This is a personal ,mostly autobiographical blog, where I post some bits and pieces from my life. My current passion, is watercolour painting, and the blog now reflects this too.
Last Updated on: 8 Years Ago
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