Panchali Sengupta

My Interests

  • Many Things Capture My Interest And I Love To Do,
  • Though In No Particular Order… I Enjoy Cooking,
  • Staying Up Late Reading,
  • Traveling. I Try To Find Peace With Little Things In Life,
  • Be It Playing With My Pooch,

Panchali Sengupta

From Kolkata       |       Birthday November 14
About Me I am a happy go lucky, kind, considerate and a sincere person …. I like to follow simple principles in life. Empty Nest Syndrome is a feeling of dejection for a mother, when a child leaves home. Believe it or not, this can truly be a time for a significant transition and period of growth. .. After my dotty got married and left my nest… minding the mind, writing came naturally.....So, I believe, creative writing is a major byproduct of solitude!

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Panchalibolchi The hardest part of writing is beginning....I don't know who said it, but I certainly enjoy playing with words and I hate writer's block!!!
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