Pranita Bhat

My Interests

  • I Love Reading Books That Fall In The Genres Of Philosophy,
  • Memoirs,
  • Spirituality,
  • Mythology Etc. I Love Writing About The Stories I See Around Me. I Enjoy Cooking A Comfort Meal,
  • And Love Going On Long Drives!,

Pranita Bhat

From Nipani       |       Birthday March 01
About Me Namaste! I'm Pranita Bhat, a compulsive reader and a passionate writer. Everything I do revolves around these two fields. The Indian Wordsmith is my attempt to reclaim writing space on the internet and print media. I believe that the books I read are stories written by someone to share their understanding of life (or aspects of life) as they know it, and the words I write are stories that I leave behind about my understanding of life as I know it! After all, Words—be it spoken or written— are just tools to share stories, which have the power to last for more time than a human being possibly can!

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Miracles Happen! Close your eyes and open your heart to the inside... n lo n behold...! Miracles will happen!
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