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  • I Love Adventure And Mystery,
  • Something Which Is Mystical And Does Not Have An Explanation For Its Existence Appeals My Interest...,

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Rohan Nair

From Bangalore       |       Birthday April 20
About Me I'm a Writer affiliated to the genre of cult fiction , my written material contains mystical elements which are extremely volatile..... Its above normalcy and requires a complex mind to crack it down into bits that can actually be digested by the brian!!!!!!!!! My goal is to end up being a professional writer and whole lot of other things which as of now is just a dream too good to be true!!!!!

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Mind Fiasco The writing style that I follow is a bit in depth, something that is not widely appreciated and is a bit mind blogging aswell.....
Last Updated on: 5 Years Ago
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Mind Fiasco Its about the so called thoughts , our dreams that invoke a sense of fear ,a story that needs to be told out loud but quite not sure how to do we go about it,what is real and what is unreal .
Last Updated on: 5 Years Ago
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