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Sagar Kulkarni

From Mumbai       |       Birthday November 01
About Me I am a monk living in this material world and have all the material cravings, but still am a monk. I love people and think it's the best creation of nature, the best of mountains and jungles and gardens and lakes and the sea would remain the same after years and years, but a human being changes every minute and there lies the beauty. I am more of spiritual than religious person and usually friendly and talk on any subject and with any one under the Sun.

My Blog(s)

Sagarika It's a travelogue. I have had the good opportunity to travel across India and some countries in Europe, my observations in my own words.
Last Updated on: 1 Year Ago
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Mala Kahi Sangaychay My point of view, looking at the world through my window
Last Updated on: 1 Year Ago
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